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Effectiveness of Promotional Products

You may wonder how a marketing medium that is so affordable can be so effective? It’s because promotional products are powerful opinion-changing agents. Savvy advertisers look for media with reach, recall and low cost per impression, and promotional products provide that. In a 2004 study conducted for PPAI, the impression of a company using a promotional product as a brand builder was reported by 52 percent of the study participants as more favorable since receiving the item.**

Promotional products furnish advertisers with advantages that may not be available in other media. These include:

  • High recall where the name of the advertiser is remembered
  • Repeated exposure to the advertising message because of the length of time a promotional product is kept
  • A more favorable impression the advertiser** 

The value of promotional products is in their ability to carry a message to a well-defined target audience. Because the products are useful to and appreciated by the recipients, they are retained and used, repeating the imprinted message multiple times – without added cost to the advertiser.

For more information about promotional products and how to add them to your company’s marketing mix, contact Sullivan Creative Promos at 660-827-7003. 

*2004 PPAI Study Promotional Products’ Image on Brand/Company Image 

**2004 PPAI Study Promotional Products: Impact, Exposure and Influence